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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

We offer comprehensive hearing exams, which will determine if you have any hearing loss present, as well as the need for amplification. This testing will also reveal the nature and degree of your hearing loss, which is one piece of the puzzle when considering amplification or hearing aids. We offer video otoscopy, which allows patients to view their ear canal and any obstructions that may be present. Some hearing loss is only due to wax build up, which can be easily remedied.

Doctor examining ear of patientDuring the consultation appointment, Dr. Keaton will assess your communication needs, discuss the demands on your hearing and recommend a specific style and type of hearing instrument if needed.

All hearing instruments are provided with a 75 day guarantee, which can offer patients peace of mind if this is a new process for them. This trial period is important to both our patients and Dr. Keaton, as it is used to make sure that the best possible technology is being utilized. Sometimes there are things about your listening needs and environment that can only be learned through real world experience. This is especially important to new hearing instrument users, as there is an adjustment process for the patient and their auditory system. Dr. Keaton will be there to walk you through this process with patience and strategies for success.

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We are a comprehensive hearing center offering the best solution for your hearing needs. We also offer tinnitus treatment and hyperacusis treatment. Call us today.